Sat 30 May 2020 22:43

As a community rugby club, Bicester RUFC is entirely run by volunteers. We value and actively cultivate an engaged & well-trained army of volunteers – called Gamemakers due to their crucial role in making the rugby happen.

Our volunteers embody the Bicester values, and help the club to provide a quality player experience for us to achieve our Mission and Vision.

You do not need any previous playing experience or understanding of rugby to volunteer. The club actively supports development and pays for courses and CPDs.

For more information about volunteering in rugby visit Keep Your Boots On! (KYBO)

We are currently actively looking for:

  • Volunteer Coordinator (Priority Role & Board Director)
  • Outreach Manager (Priority Role & Board Director)
  • Coach Coordinator (Priority Role)
  • Team Admin Coordinator
  • Sponsorships Officer
  • Fundraising and Grants Officer
  • Internal Communication Officer
  • External Comms and Marketing Officer
  • Website Editor
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Schools Liaison - Bicester School
  • Schools Liaison - Whitelands Academy
  • Schools Liaison - Cooper School
  • Schools Liaison - Primaries
  • Social and Events Manager
  • O2 Touch Rugby Development Manager
  • Premiership Club Contact
  • Data Protection Manager
  • Men's 2nd Team Coach
  • Men's 2nd Team Admin
  • Colts Transition Manager
  • Memberships Secretary
  • Fixtures Secretary (Juniors)
  • Fixtures Secretary (Minis)
  • Catering Coordinator (Seniors)
  • Catering Coordinator (Minis)
  • Catering Coordinator (Juniors)
  • Safeguarding Assistant (Minis)
  • Safeguarding Assistant (Juniors)
  • Events Manager
  • First Aid Coordinator
  • Equipment Coordinator
  • Tour Coordinator

Aside from referees and coaches, other roles include, for example:

  • Age grade team administrators; and
  • First aiders.

If you are willing to assist, please contact the Club Secretary.